Gateway to Hope Welcomes New Vice Board Chair, Gretchen Werremeyer

March 29, 2023 3:40 pm


March 29, 2023 (St. Louis, MO) – Gretchen Werremeyer has been elected Vice Board Chair at Gateway to Hope (GTH) beginning on Tuesday, February 21. Werremeyer has been on the Gateway to Hope board since 2020. This position oversees organizational finances, staffing, long-term goal setting, and the organization’s vision and mission, among other responsibilities. 

With Werremeyer’s expertise in strategy, brand marketing, and consulting, she will collaborate closely with our CEO, Katie Manga, to drive progress and lead Gateway to Hope’s diverse board and committees in their work. She will champion GTH’s fundraising priorities and ensure the organization is well-resourced for the future.  

For more than 20 years, Werremeyer has been president and CEO of Werremeyer Creative – a marketing agency. She has been deeply involved in the St. Louis business community from the beginning of her career, with accomplishments earning her numerous national and local business and design awards. 

Werremeyer has been a supporter of Gateway to Hope’s mission since her personal experience with her best friend’s breast cancer diagnosis. Through this she saw the importance of having a support system throughout treatment – something many women do not have. She looks forward to pursuing this role and is hopeful for the organization’s future in breast health care. “I am excited to take on this role because I genuinely believe in Gateway to Hope’s mission and vision to expand timely access to medical care to all women in Missouri. As a business owner, I hope to use my relationship-building skills to help fuel that expansion” said by Werremeyer. 

About Gateway to Hope  

At Gateway to Hope our mission is to champion change by removing barriers to affordable, timely, quality breast healthcare, and empowering people to live full and healthy lives. Founded in 2005, two doctors were inspired to create a program to treat individuals who could not afford to pursue treatment otherwise by a patient’s breast cancer journey. Gateway to Hope is committed to removing barriers to affordable, timely, quality breast healthcare, and empowering people at risk of and living with breast cancer to live full and healthy lives. Our goal is to eliminate the disparities in breast health outcomes. Our programs are designed to create greater access to care, helping to improve the outcomes of those impacted with breast cancer, those at risk for the disease and those who seek preventative health in our community. For more information, please visit 

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