A woman’s income, where she lives, and the color of her skin shouldn’t predict her breast cancer outcomes – but they DO. We are on a mission to change that.

Gateway to Hope has launched a long-range plan that will guide our mission and work through 2030.

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We will focus on these key areas

Patient Centered Care
Education & Engagement

Intiatives that we’ll be launching over the next 2 years:

Programs for Individuals & Families – Patient Centered Care We are uniquely positioned to create the standards of care for breast health navigation. We can and will hone our model, allowing us to serve more women, more effectively, throughout the continuum of care and beyond.
Community Education, Engagement and Mobilization Community knowledge, trust, and demand are central to positive health behaviors. We must continue to interrogate the impact of social determinants of health on communities, organize and advocate for improved access to care, build momentum and expectation of preventative care.
Healthcare Quality & Cooperation Thoughtful, strategic partnership enhances our ability to connect the disconnected, share critical information, and accelerate access to quality and affordable care. Through collaboration we will see health systems and providers live their values, share data, coordinate care, and achieve better patient outcomes.
Advocacy for Change By aligning policy makers, healthcare providers, and community partners with community need, we can refine our state-wide programs to better achieve their desired impact. These programs serve as critical safety nets and have the capacity to ensure no patient is lost to care.

Our long-range plan will take our mission into the next decade.

Over the next few months, you will see this work further explained here. If you are interested in learning more, please check back for updates or feel free to email us at info@gthmo.org.

Download and Read the Full Plan