Dawn Van Houten Named Executive Director, Gateway to Hope

April 13, 2016 5:27 pm

ST. LOUIS (May 5, 2016) – Gateway to Hope Board President Marty Moore announced that Dawn Van Houten joined Gateway to Hope as Executive Director effective May 1, 2016.

Van Houten most recently held a leadership role for Fifth Third Bank St. Louis as Vice President, Director of Marketing and Public Relations and has been a Board Member for Gateway to Hope for the past four years. Prior to Fifth Third Bank, she was Vice President, Regional Marketing and Public Relations Director for M&I Bank in St. Louis. “A big part of the work I did in bank marketing and public relations was managing charitable contribution budgets and working side by side with St. Louis nonprofit leadership. I was responsible for strategically utilizing sponsorship and contribution budget dollars to provide growth opportunities for nonprofits and engagement opportunities for the bank.” Dawn has also held roles in human resource management, training and development, and national business development. “Gateway to Hope helps secure comprehensive care and provide basic financial assistance for individuals diagnosed with breast cancer. My own mother fought breast cancer so I feel particularly close to the cause.”

Dawn Van Houten holds an MBA from Columbia College, and Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications/Business from Truman State University.

For more information, contact Gateway to Hope at 314-569-1113.

About Gateway to Hope

Founded in 2005 by Dr. David Caplin, a plastic/reconstructive surgeon, and Dr. Marlys Schuh, an oncologic breast surgeon, Gateway to Hope has secured comprehensive medical care and provided financial assistance for individuals in need who have been diagnosed with or are at high risk for developing breast cancer. More than 860 women have received services ranging from financial assistance with mortgage and utility payments to the full spectrum of surgical and medical care. Through corporate and private sector donations, the Gateway to Hope Insurance Premium Program was initiated in 2015. This innovative program assists with the payment of health insurance premiums for individuals undergoing breast cancer treatment and reconstruction. For more information, if you or someone you know has breast cancer, please call the Gateway to Hope Breast Cancer Lifeline, 314-569-1113, or visit www.gthstl.org.

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